• No Butter Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

    It’s been a long time since I did a baking post! Kind of funny since I bake almost every weekend, however, I pretty much bake the same things: bread, muffins or cookies. Today I actually made granola for the first time, which is delicious but I also made another batch of these yummy coconut oatmeal cookies. So the first time…

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  • Hummingbird Cake

    Just a little treat I baked over the weekend and boy was it delicious! My husband sent me this recipe hinting that he wanted me to make it, so I… Read More

  • Sunday Baking: Pumpkin Seeds

    Directions: Clean/Rinse in colander Spread out on baking sheet Lightly sprinkle with garlic salt or Lawry’s seasoning salt Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until golden brown   Definitely an easy… Read More

  • Lemon Cake Bites

    Happy Father’s Day! I haven’t made a traditional cake in a very long time, doesn’t it seem like they’re kind of out dated? Well anyways, I was at the store… Read More

  • Healthy Chocolate

    Recipe: 3/4 C of Coconut Oil 2 Tbls of Cocoa Powder 4 Tbls Almond Butter 8 Cubes of Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate 1/4 C. of Maple Syrup (Grade B) 1/2 Tsp… Read More

  • Crustless Quiche

      The great thing about this recipe is you don’t have to be exact with the measuring at all. The above measurements are really just a guide but I eye… Read More

  • Sunday Baking

    I’m changing things up a bit and sharing about my other (smaller) hobby.  Although this is not a very difficult recipe, I do love baking…not cooking, baking lol. Everything is… Read More

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