December 18, 2012

JewelMint Giveaway!! (closed)

                  Congratulations to MiniMeeh for winning the necklace!! Email me your address!

Tis the season to give so that’s just what I’ll do! This is one of the many pieces I have recently bought from JewelMint and I have decided to give it away to one of my readers!! JewelMint is a great website to purchase good quality jewelry for a great price. I have loved everything I’ve purchased from them and this Vintage Horn Pendant is no different:) The plan was to run the contest for 1 week, but seeing as that would be Christmas (yay!!) it will end on December 29th, with the winner being announced shortly after. 

How to Enter:

Step 1. Follow PurelyChic! You can follow by clicking the “Join this site” button to the right 

Step 2. Leave a comment telling me what you look forward to the most during Christmas
Step 3. Check back around December 30th to see if you won! 

                                             Good Luck!!

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16 Responses to JewelMint Giveaway!! (closed)

  1. MJDM says:

    Family, friends and good food!

  2. RachC says:

    Decorating the Christmas tree and spending time with family <3

  3. Anonymous says:

    So many things….the baking, Christmas movies, buying gifts for family and all the decorations! Oh and the music 🙂

  4. Shonna Sharp says:

    Waking up Christmas morning to see what Santa left & open stockings with family, while enjoying a great breakfast & watching The Grinch. Church to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! 🙂 ABC Family Christmas countdown. Peppermint hot chocolate. The spirit of thankfulness all around. The music. This list could go on… Lol!

    • Stephanie says:

      So happy you mentioned ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas! lol…and of course, the true meaning of Christmas:) And, I just had some peppermint hot chocolate yesterday, lol

  5. Spending time with loved ones, enjoying way more food than I should, and waking up extra early to share gifts! Oh and watching Elf on repeat of courseeeee!Xo

    • Stephanie says:

      Catherine, I love all of that too! Also, great blog! I tried following but couldn’t find the link…I know fashion but could learn some things about makeup, lol

  6. tammymolfino says:

    My favorite thing? The snow! Last year one night it was snowing so hard and the flakes were so big that we decided to go for a ride at midnight – hot chocolate in hand! It was glorious – makes me appreciate the warm weather when it comes, but there’s just something about the snow!

  7. Rachel says:

    Christmas movies, music, and friends and family!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I Love the movies and music too 🙂 <3

  9. MiniMeeh says:

    i’m looking forward to eating out! I’ve been eating at home for months to save money…

    Love the necklace. I need to start buying statement pieces!

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