October Wish List

Pictures (clockwise)
1. Ras Flats
2. Omybag
3. Tory Burch Eddie Flats
4. Dita Wonderlust Sunglasses
5. Zara Quilted Sleeve Jacket

Just a few things I have my eye on this month. It drives me crazy when I find something I love and then realize it was from last season and sold out 🙁 That’s been happening a lot lately for some reason. The Ras flats is an example of that, but I can settle for the Tory Burch in this scenario. Although, I’ll have to act fast because those are not current season and only have a few places still selling them. The purse and jacket are both gorgeous!! And then there’s the wonderful Dita glasses- I recently saw them on someone in person and have been thinking about them ever since.


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