• Crochet Dress

    Boy it took me a long time to get these photos up 🙂 It’s not completely my fault since I thought they were lost for about a month, but it… Read More

  • Lace up Sweater

    Lots of hair playing going on in these pictures, but that’s what you do when you find the good lighting 🙂 Also, I just love this sweater! Since it’s sleeveless I can… Read More

  • Cool Tones

    This chunky knit sweater is the coziest and I love how it’s off the shoulder if you choose to wear it that way. It’s no surprise that I’m sad about… Read More

  • Adele Sweater

    Mike got me this sweatshirt for Christmas and I died laughing when I opened it up… how did he know? Maybe he heard me listening to Adele on repeat? That… Read More

  • Cream + Plaid

    I have been in love with this sweater since the second I put it on. Actually before that because I had already found it online and read how many great… Read More

  • Walking In The Rain

    In case you didn’t know, I kind of love the rain. Although if it rained constantly I probably wouldn’t feel the same, but since it’s like a rare sighting in… Read More

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