• Oversized Tee

    Let me start off by saying my fly is not down in these pictures… these jeans dried with the flap that way and they are way too cute to go… Read More

  • Crochet Dress

    Boy it took me a long time to get these photos up 🙂 It’s not completely my fault since I thought they were lost for about a month, but it… Read More

  • Lace up Sweater

    Lots of hair playing going on in these pictures, but that’s what you do when you find the good lighting 🙂 Also, I just love this sweater! Since it’s sleeveless I can… Read More

  • Cool Tones

    This chunky knit sweater is the coziest and I love how it’s off the shoulder if you choose to wear it that way. It’s no surprise that I’m sad about… Read More

  • Adele Sweater

    Mike got me this sweatshirt for Christmas and I died laughing when I opened it up… how did he know? Maybe he heard me listening to Adele on repeat? That… Read More

  • Cream + Plaid

    I have been in love with this sweater since the second I put it on. Actually before that because I had already found it online and read how many great… Read More

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