I hope the title of this blog doesn’t make you think of potato chips, but just in case, I should let you know that that’s not what I’m referring to:) I bought a cropped cardigan a few weeks ago (no surprise that I was purchasing another cardigan, lol) that has a ruffle design going down the front. Little did I know that this design is a huge hit this season, and not just with cardigans but shirts and dresses as well. I think it’s a very feminine and fun trend as long as it’s subtle. Too many ruffles can definitely be over kill, but since there are so many choices out there, it shouldn’t be a problem finding something that’s not. The white cardigan in the collage below is the one I purchased from Express, except in gray. I believe it’s only $20 right now, maybe cheaper, and they have many other colors. Check it out if you have time!

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