TopShop Amour Tee

I read an article recently about the most popular trends around the world. It listed the United States twice: trends for the east coast and trends for the west coast. I actually forget what the trend for the east coast was 🙊 but I do remember that the trend for the west coast was text shirts. So no surprise that I kinda love them!

My favorite part about them is how they can be used to dress down an outfit that might otherwise be too dressed up.

Pairing a skirt with a text tee makes it easier for me to wear a skirt simply to the grocery store when I might usually only wear one if I was going somewhere “out”. Anyways, I wear text shirts a lot so naturally I had to snag this one. It is pretty fitted but that is typical for TopShop. I’m wearing a small but I probably could’ve gone with a medium. I accidentally put it in the dryer the other day and almost had a heart attack thinking it was going to come out the size of a toddler shirt but luckily it didn’t shrink!

Thanks for reading!

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