• Bright Stripes on the Beach

    Last weekend our best friends were in town so we met them for lunch at a spot on the beach. It was a really nice day out and so busy because it was the first day of sun we had had all week. People go a little stir crazy around here if there’s more than 2 days of rain, lol.…

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  • Spring Vibes on the Central Coast

    When we moved back to the Central Coast last year, it was right around this time and we could not get over how beautiful it was. The area had gotten… Read More

  • Being a Tourist in Banff

    Gosh Canada is SO beautiful!! I was blown away by¬†how stunning the scenery was when we were driving from Calgary to Banff. There were quite a few cars that had… Read More

  • Casual in Calgary

    My trip to Canada was absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better weather! I heard a lot of locals complaining about it still snowing, but I was loving… Read More

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