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Hey everyone, hope you had a good weekend! I did a lot of procrastinating, which resulted in getting a whole lot of nothing done. Actually cleaning out of my closet and selling stuff on eBay has been at the top of my to-do list for over a month but I just can’t bring myself to do it! It’s a monster right now, I seriously can’t find anything. It’s actually pretty amazing that I haven’t been wearing the same thing every day because I literally look directly at the front section where I can see a few things and that’s pretty much where I’ve been pulling my outfits from. I really think this week is THE WEEK to get it done.

Pretty much everything in this outfit is a go-to item for summer

These sandals are my favorite gladiators ever, I have them in 2 colors. They make every simple outfit look like you put in effort, but most over the knee shoes do that 🙂 This hat goes with everything and is so cute and this dress… same.

Dress: Nordstrom, also like this one

Sandals: Matisse

Hat: Gunny Sack Co (sold out), similar here

Purse: Michael Kors









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