Basic Sweater + Jeans Winter Outfit

When it comes to inexpensive basic sweaters for layering I think H&M has one of the best selections. Sometimes it’s one of those situations where it’s like will this sweater hold up until next year? Will it not? I guess I’ll find out ?

But that’s the risk you take when you buy a sweater on the cheaper side. *Although expensive doesn’t necessarily always mean good quality*

So to my surprise this one was much better quality than I expected. It’s really soft and thicker than your average light weight sweater.

So all in all, definitely worth the $17.99 price tag.

In fact, I think they could’ve sold it for $20 more. I’m a sucker for neutral colors so I really loved it in this beige white version, but it comes in a black and bright yellow color as well. I sized up on this one to a medium because the small was just a tad shorter in length than I wanted it, however, the sleeves on this one are a little big so maybe I should’ve gone with the small. It’s the perfect size for layering though.

I do talk about these jeans a lot because I own so many, but in case you’re new here, I own about 6 pairs of them and I can’t recommend them enough. They do run small but once you figure out your sizing, they are the best jeans ever. My normal size is a 26 or 27 but in these I wear a 28. They are so flattering and comfortable. Even though they run small, they stretch a lot. I may have just ordered another pair an hour ago ?.

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