Black Orchid Jeggings

I see the appeal in a pair of jeggings

They’re stretchy and comfortable but you feel more put together because they look like jeans. The fact that they work well with any body type is also a huge bonus. I’m really excited to have found a quality pair that is made well and isn’t over priced like other designer jeans. The Black Orchid black jewel five pocket jeggings have become a big hit with many celebrities and they only cost $105.00. That might still be pricey for some, but when you think about these being your go-to pants (the pants you wear with almost everything) the price will start looking better. The two colors in the pictures below are Mist and Midnight, which are my favorites, but they also come in more traditional jean colors. So if you’re looking for some pants to get you through this season I would suggest trying these 🙂


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