Blazer & Dress in Lake Como

Happy November 1st! We didn’t do much for Halloween last night but the second season for Jack Ryan became available, so I was excited to start that 🙂 We were going to go to dinner but ended up getting stuck in a lot of traffic with people heading downtown and going tricker treating so we just drove around for a bit and then went back home. I’ll be keeping all my pumpkins and harvest decorations out until we leave for Thanksgiving the week prior… which will be here very soon!

Anyways, I wanted to share the details of this outfit I wore while I was in Lake Como. We stayed in Bellagio, one of several little towns that make up Lake Como. It was my favorite out of all of them, but I also really loved Varenna. There is so much charm and character in each town so it was a lot of fun exploring all the little alleyways and steep staircases and shops. When we first drove into Bellagio we stopped when my phone navigated us to continue straight, because the road was SO narrow and tiny and there was about 50 people in the way walking. We both thought it was a mistake and that we weren’t supposed to drive through, but there was no turning back so we slowly moved forward and luckily people just moved out of the way as we went. It was definitely a memory I’ll never forget! I fully expected a shop owner to come and start screaming at us for driving on the “side walk”, lol.

We stayed two nights in Bellagio and it was the most perfect weather both days.

There were signs of fall in the trees but the temperature stayed in the 70s and felt more like summer. I wore this tunic as a dress with a bodysuit underneath with a belted blazer over it… and I LOVE this blazer too! I also wore these Gucci Princetown dupes a ton in Europe. I’ve been really impressed with the quality so I think I’m going to order them in black as well. They definitely did get dirty, so I don’t think I would’ve wanted to wear them if I had purchased the real ones but maybe that’s just me.

Thanks for reading!

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