• I Woke Up Like This

    Okay I lied, I didn’t wake up like this. But isn’t getting ready in 15 minutes the same thing? Clearly I think so, LOL. Mike and I have been sharing a car for about 6 months. When we moved back to the central coast, I kept working for the same company I did in OC, so I started working remote…

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  • Slouchy Cardigan For Date Night

    My suuuuper casual outfit for a sushi run the other night. This cardigan is perfect for lounging around the house- I wear a cardigan almost every morning while I drink… Read More

  • Striped Midi Dress & White Denim

    I wore this a few weeks ago and maybe even once or twice since. I had been searching for a white denim jacket for a few months because there have… Read More

  • Lavender Chunky Knit

    You know me, if I have a chance to wear a sweater, I take it! It’s been consistently in the high 60s or low 70s for a few weeks, so… Read More

  • Summer Whites & Satin Cami

    Wearing white for summer is a given and white cut off shorts are a staple for me. My caption on Instagram mentioned not having “summer ready” legs, so wearing shorts… Read More

  • The Band T Shirt Trend

    I can’t stop, won’t stop buying band tee shirts, I just love the trend. But really it’s not that big of a change from my graphic tee obsession, so basically… Read More

  • What to Wear For Wine Tasting

    We had some fun a few weekends ago doing some local wine tasting in a little town called Los Olivos. The drive there is a little over an hour and… Read More

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