• Goodbye 2015

    And just like that, Christmas is over and the New Year begins. I always feel so sad when Christmas is over, but it does feel nice to have a fresh start when January comes. The “new start” is basically just a metaphor, because you can have a new start any time you want, but it does feel more attainable once…

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  • Purely Chic in 2014

    Well we are back from our big road trip and being home sure does feel good! I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas + New Year’s because we are officially… Read More

  • Lately on Instagram 1.3.14

      Showing off my new sun hat at the pool! Hat: Windsor Sushi for lunch with my co-workers…win, win. Scotch supervising Mike working away in the garage. This is right… Read More

  • Current Beauty Favorites

    1. Morrocanoil Hair Mask: Besides this stuff smelling really good, it has made my damaged hair soft and healthy! 2. Clay Mud Mask: I’m all about reviews and once I… Read More

  • Neutrals Wish List

    Everyone keeps talking about Spring this and Spring that and I’m over here waiting for Winter…lol, doesn’t that sound like something you’d see on pinterest? Or maybe I’m not as… Read More

  • Valentine’s Gift Guide

    Yes Valentine’s Day really is this Friday! I am not prepared at all considering I still can’t believe January is over. I am a big fan of traditional gifts like… Read More

  • Goodbye 2013…hello 2014

    Thank you so much for reading this blog of mine…looking forward to posting many more looks… Read More

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