• 7 Day Rewind: 12.15.13

    1. Scotch falling asleep in his airplane carrier 2. View of Idaho from the air 3. Re-discovering some of my favorite Christmas ornaments 4. Shameless selfie’s before dinner date 5. Amazing sunrise on… Read More

  • 7 day rewind: 11.23.13

    1. Champagne brunch  2. Picking Scotch up from his haircut 3. Night out with my hubby and friends 4. Good weekend snacks 5. Watching my favorite holiday movie (no pun intended)… Read More

  • 7 Day Rewind: 11.5.13

    A recap of last week! 1. FINALLY cleaning and reorganizing my shoe shelf- It’s amazing how many pairs were hiding 2. Carving pumpkins! Can you tell what mine is?? 3.… Read More

  • Sunday Baking: Pumpkin Seeds

    Definitely an easy recipe, but one I look forward to every year! The store bought pumpkin seeds that you can buy year round don’t compare to the taste of the real… Read More

  • Lemon Cake Bites

    Happy Father’s Day! I haven’t made a traditional cake in a very long time, doesn’t it seem like they’re kind of out dated? Well anyways, I was at the store… Read More

  • Scotch Turns 2!

    Just a little shout out to the sweet little guy that brings our family a lot of joy and laughs…He just turned 2!  Has no clue, of course, but he… Read More

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