Color Block Maxi Skirt

I’m so happy it’s almost Fall! These photos are from last month when we went to my grandma’s surprise birthday party. You can’t even tell that it was over 100 degrees, lol.  I packed super quick because we were only there for one night, but this midi skirt saved the day.

For a less casual look I would pair it with sneakers or sandals and a more relaxed tee.

I have also worn this skirt to work with some flats. I absolutely hate ironing so throwing this on 5 minutes before I had to leave was awesome.

Speaking of ironing, I finally just ironed a blouse I bought a month ago but hadn’t worn because it arrived so wrinkly, lol. So basically I’m a no fuss dresser. I want it to be cute and trendy but not a big production. Unless it’s for my over the knee boots… depending on the pair, those things can definitely be a production. So now I’ve circled back to talking about fall 🙂

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