Colorado Road Trip

A little late on posting these, hence the Christmas tree, but they’re too pretty not to post. I’m reminiscing about these beautiful views, and let’s be honest, Christmas. The lodge we stayed at was a dream…the perfect winter lodge with breathtaking views and tons of quaint fireplaces. We stayed at The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera…I hope we can go back someday!

When we finally started to make the drive home we had some pretty big storms to drive through, which was a little scary because I know nothing about driving in the snow or being a passenger in the snow, lol. We were about 2 hours from the border of Arizona and stopped to get gas and found this cute pizzeria. We sat down and there were about 4 other people in there. There were 2 guys behind the bar and one was the owner. I had been surprised by how desolate the drive was, meaning we’d only get to a town every 45 mins- 1 hour. In southern CA, it’s city after city. So when we got in the pizzeria, I asked “Is the whole drive going to be like this….?” Meaning, deserted for long stretches of time.

Not exaggerating, everyone in the restaurant heard me and turned around to stare and the guy behind the bar was like “Uh, yeah…you’re heading into the most dangerous area to drive through in Colorado. I avoid it at all costs.”

and then this random guy sitting at the table next to us chimes in and says “That area got 13 inches of snow yesterday! No one goes through there this time of year!” LOL and it just continued on about how horrific the conditions were and this area called Wolf Creek Pass was really dangerous but there was also no way around it for the direction we were headed.. Needless to say, after we left there I was scared! I prayed as we got back into the car and to our surprise, by the time we got close to the pass, it stopped snowing and became sunny for the first time the whole day. Obviously we made it through safely, but I can’t image having to drive through that area with it snowing or at night. The roads still had a lot of snow on them so it took a very long time to get through it, but the important thing is we made it! I’ll never forget the beautiful (and scary) views as we drove through the state. I really do hope we can go back and visit because I loved it there…I think next time we’ll fly.

Thanks for reading!


Edwards, CO…The little town that the lodge we stayed at was in ^^^


On the hill behind me is where we stayed ^^^


The cozy lodge…always people in sitting in here readying or enjoying a drink^^^


Or playing a piano, lol ^^^




The cutest little helper 🙂 ^^^



The view from our balcony ^^^











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