Cozy Scarf

I’m so happy that Mango came out with this scarf because I had been regretting not purchasing this same print from Zara last year.

It is definitely my favorite accessory right now.

I wish I could wear it with everything, but it’s back to 90 degrees today so it’s only been worn once (the one day it rained last week)! When it was delivered, Mike calls me and says “Ya, a Mexican blanket just came for you” hahaha. I thought that was pretty hysterical. By the way I’ve recently been on a Forever21 kick. Does anyone else forget about a store or brand for awhile and then all of sudden everything they have is what you want? Well that’s the case here. I wouldn’t mind having every item in the current Love21 collection!

In other news, can you believe it’s November? There were still so many things I wanted to do in October. I would LOVE for the next 2 months to go by as slow as possible so I can savor every moment of the holidays and fun family memories. We’re going to Colorado and Utah at the end of December which I’m ecstatic about… I’ve been thinking about outfits non stop. This is my time to need warm clothes! That’s what I keep telling myself, lol.

Thanks for reading!

Scarf: Mango | Dress: Forever21 | Jacket: Zara (also like this one and this one) | Shoes: Velvet Angels (like these) | Sunglasses: Karen Walker






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