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Boy it took me a long time to get these photos up 🙂 It’s not completely my fault since I thought they were lost for about a month, but it turns out they had just saved in some weird folder. Thank you Apple update…. Anyways, happy I found them! (ok my husband did)… Sometimes I go through Forever 21 phases, where I buy a bunch of stuff at once which (let’s be honest, it can be hit or miss) and then I get over it for awhile and move on to a different brand for awhile.

This dress is from my last Forever overhaul which was mostly summer stuff that I’m excited to wear

BTW, just a little tip, order online rather than in store if you can. It might be risky not to try it on first, but if you order online you can return it for money back rather than just store credit like in the store. You have to pay for shipping it back to them, unless it was damaged, then they’ll reimburse you for shipping too. Obviously final sale items don’t count, you can’t return those at all. But getting back to my point, if you’re looking for a crochet dress, this one is great and comes in black too! I’ve linked a few other crochet dresses for summer below! Thanks for reading!


Heels (Zara, old) similar here


Red Crochet Dress Forever 21_8828 (1)

Red Crochet Dress Forever 21_8873

Red Crochet Dress Forever 21_8882

Red Crochet Dress Forever 21_8878

Red Crochet Dress Forever 21_8880

Red Crochet Dress Forever 21

Red Crochet Dress Forever 21_8879

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