Current Beauty Favorites

1. Morrocanoil Hair Mask: Besides this stuff smelling really good, it has made my damaged hair soft and healthy!

2. Clay Mud Mask: I’m all about reviews and once I found this on Amazon and started reading the reviews I had to try it, plus it’s super cheap! This mud seriously makes your black heads disappear, it’s amazing! I use it at least once a week but I try to do more if I can. I mix it with apple cider vinegar but you can also mix with water. Some people had amazing results from it right away but it took my 3rd time for me to see results because it drew the dirt to surface so my skin broke out in the beginning. You will feel a difference right away even if you don’t see it. Either way, it’s great!

3. Kiehl’s Eye Treatment: This has been on my favorite’s list before and it will continue to be! I still use this every morning before I put on my makeup. It’s SO important to keep the skin around your eyes moisturized because it’s so thin and that’s where you’ll start to notice aging and wrinkling first.  This product makes it easy for me and I love that it lasts a long time.

4. Elf Face Primer: This is a little bottle but perfect for traveling. It does come in bigger but I wanted to wait to see if I liked it before I bought the larger one. I have tried all the expensive primers: Smash Box, Laura Mercier etc and I feel this one works the same for me and for half the price!

5. St. Ives Collagen Elastin Moisturizer: I stumbled upon this the same way I found the mud mask which was by looking at the best reviewed products on amazon and I’m so glad I did! It comes in a huge jar and is super cheap but besides that it makes your skin feel silky and smooth! I haven’t noticed a huge difference with fine lines but maybe it’s preventing? Many of the other reviewers said they noticed a difference with wrinkles so I definitely think it works for that.

6. L’oreal Face Lotion: Not everyone will love this because it does depend on your skin type. I have mixed oily and dry but in the mornings it tends to be dry, so really dry face lotions don’t work for me. This one is not greasy which I love but it’s still not drying either!

7. Li Lash: It would take a whole post to bring you up to speed on my eye lash drama. Cliff notes: I had eye lash extensions, loved them but was worried about the damage on my real eyelashes so I took them off, ripping out most of my real ones and started using Li Lash right away to try to get them to grow back quicker. I’ve been using it for 4 months now so they are all grown in but I’m really happy with the length. I do wish they made my eye lashes a little fuller but I don’t know if any growth serum will do that because my eyelashes just might be thin? Either way, I’m almost out and ordering more. It’s cheaper then Latisse and lasts longer 😉

Thanks for reading!

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