Daily Style Diary: Fall Suede Moto Jacket

We’re almost in December but technically it is still Fall for a few weeks! Totally fine by me since it hasn’t actually felt like Fall yet and it is my favorite season ??? Do a lot of people send me stuff this time of year referencing other ‘people’ who are obsessed with Fall and pumpkin spiced everything? Possibly. But since it is still Fall my suede moto jackets are in full rotation.

I have this style jacket in several colors because I love it so much and there’s always one color that goes with the current season.

Since it doesn’t rain much in California, I can get away with wearing one most days. I love this coffee color because it goes with almost anything! Right now this style is 30% off so if you’ve had your eye on it for awhile, I would suggest snagging one now because they rarely go on sale. Thanks for reading!


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