Denim on Denim 90’s Vibes

Pardon me while I experiment with filters. Seriously though, I don’t know what I was thinking when I edited these pictures but oh well ??‍♀️? So I loved Friends in the 90s and I still love it now.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I had a t shirt that said Friends on it when I was in elementary school… I wish I would’ve kept that.

But thanks to Amazon, I have one again! Kind of funny, but Mike had never watched Friends until about 2 years ago. I’m not even sure how that’s possible but it was! He started binge watching it on Netflix and it was the first time he has seen the show. He started it over again a few months ago and then I was like, okay I’m getting Friends’d out (?). I’ll always love that show of course, but I feel like I’ve been watching it my whole life, lol. Will that stop me from buying Friends memorabilia? *Looks down at pictures* probably not ?.

I love these Levi’s so much that I bought them in 2 colors. I had the other pair hemmed because they’re too long but I kept this pair the regular length and just roll them. I really hope high waisted jeans never go out of style because I just love them but I remember thinking that about low waisted, lol.

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