Eyelash Tee + Biker Jacket

When I don’t know what to wear and I’m in a hurry, this is what my outfit looks like: a simple t-shirt and one of my faux leather biker jackets. Jeans are always a given because I wear them pretty much every single day, LOL. And this combo works for me in basically every season (maybe because we really only get 1 season?)

I saw this cute t shirt¬†while walking through the store to pick up a sale Christmas ornament I bought online (this was in February¬†?). I’m a sucker for anything with this eyelash face on it… I’ve never actually bought anything that it was on, but I almost have so many times.

I would say it runs true to size or slightly big, but it depends on how you want the fit to be.

Also, it’s on sale for under $20!

I would also highly recommend these jeans… they are so comfortable and the two styles I’ve purchased ran big, so you get to size down! I have found them on sale at Hautelook.com or even Marshall’s and TJ Maxx all the time, so if you don’t want to pay full price I would check there first.

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