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It’s been the perfect weather the last 2 days and I so wish it would stay! Perfect weather to mean obviously means sweater weather, but it’s supposed to go back into the 90s for a few days soon…booooo. We’re leaving for Aspen next week and the weather will be nice and cold, they even got snow today! I actually looked into the possibility of us leaving a few days early to miss this next heat wave but it’s not going to work out. Oh well, still so excited for our trip!

Anyways, these boots are my favorite of the heeled over the knee boot style mainly because the color is so beautiful.

I realize these Stuart Weitzman Highland boots have been around for years, and actually the color is no longer available for purchase directly from the website, but you can still find them at a few other sites, which I’m linking below. And because they’re no longer available you can get them a lot cheaper! This is the new version of the Top Highland boot and the color is even lighter which I love! Before I purchased these I tried a much cheaper version and bought¬†these grey boots¬†which are the best dupe for the highland boot. Their grey version is a little darker than I liked so I ended up reselling them after having them for about a year but I still own them in 2 other colors. My thought process about splurging or not comes down to the color. If the color isn’t available anywhere else and you absolutely love it, then it’s worth investing. That’s why I own the dupe in black because you can’t tell anyways and the style is exactly the same.

This chunky knit sweater is from ChicWish last year so I’m linking similar ones below! I feel like I talk about these jeans so much and I probably do because I own so many different colors and end up wearing one of them almost everyday. They’re still my favorite and fit the best out of any other pair of jeans I own, so if you haven’t tried them I definitely recommend!


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