Flattering Winter Sweater Under $60

A sweater that makes my waist look smaller deserves room in my closet #amiright? LOL. Actually I loved this sweater so much I bought it in two colors, so I’ll be posting photos of the brown version as well. And as I’ve mentioned many times before, I love the exaggerated sleeve (or puff sleeve) trend.

Since I wear so many neutral colors, I like tops that have a fun element to the design.

This sweater is a wool blend so it’s definitely warm… but spoiler… it’s also a little itchy. I wore a tank top underneath it so it was mainly just my arms that could feel it.

We just got back from being in Idaho for Thanksgiving. It was pretty chilly there and snowed a little bit! It also snowed a lot the day we went to the town of McCall, which is a few hours away from where Mike’s mom lives. It was beautiful and we had a wonderful visit. I’m so excited for Christmas!

Outfit Details


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