Free People Fluffy Dolman Jacket In Aspen

This is THE jacket to have for winter! I’ve noticed a lot of faux fur jackets don’t have hoods but this one has a nice oversized hood, so it keeps you really warm if needed. I also have a thing for jackets with hoods, no idea why since I rarely need them!  I don’t even think I need to talk about how soft it is since it seems kind of obvious lol… ok I’ll mention it, it’s so soft!! Mike called me the abominable snow man ⛄️ But I was nice and warm and he was not ? However, I got a lot of compliments on this jacket from strangers while we were walking around Aspen so I paid no attention to his comment.

I didn’t think I would need it until later on our trip but I got it out (happily) on the first day because of the unexpected snow.

I cannot believe that Christmas is 8 days away! I’ve loved having all the decorations up around the house and thank goodness for them since that’s the only thing that’s made it feel like December. The past few years we’ve gone on a road trip right after Christmas to somewhere cold. This year we’re staying home and will actually wake up at our own house on Christmas for the first time ever! That part I’m happy about, however, I’m getting the travel bug already and I’m craving cold weather and snow. We had a few trips almost planned but we’ve been so busy that it was too much to try to squeeze them in before Christmas. This is usually a crazy busy time of year for most people, but I love it!

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