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I love my Velvet Angel shoes!! These shoes don’t have the typical skinny heel that I usually buy, but I absolutely love them. They look so good with jeans, dresses and tights! I’ve put them on everyday and walked around in my house just because I’m so excited about them. These shoes are very comfortable and they’re not even from one of the newer collections. What I mean by that is, after their first few seasons, Velvet Angels updated their design by adding a suede pad inside the shoe where the ball of your foot is. It’s a little extra detail that makes their heels very comfortable in addition to the sexy and unique designs. The heel I bought is called The Charlatan and it is a few seasons old. However, I have absolutely no problem with that. I’m actually thinking about getting them in the cream color as well so that I can wear them with anything. I highly recommend these shoes:) This style isn’t available too many places anymore, but I did find a few and attached the links below.

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