I Woke Up Like This

Okay I lied, I didn’t wake up like this. But isn’t getting ready in 15 minutes the same thing? Clearly I think so, LOL.

Mike and I have been sharing a car for about 6 months. When we moved back to the central coast, I kept working for the same company I did in OC, so I started working remote 100% of the time. After about 10 months we realized that my car was rarely getting used so we got rid of it. Most days it’s not that difficult to coordinate the car with Mike, and then other days….

This was one of those “other days” so I had to be ready in record time. But getting to my hair appointment was priority.

I think I wear these jeans most days, so they were the first thing I grabbed when throwing my outfit together.  

I’ve worn them with pretty much every type of outfit and they always look good.

Don’t be discouraged by needing to size up 1-2 times. They’re worth it! What’s also worth it is this black denim trucker jacket. I’m already picturing it with something plaid underneath for fall. I really think you can wear it in any season because I’ve gotten more use out of it this summer than I expected.

Thanks for reading!

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