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Last year at this time we were on a road trip in Colorado, trying to decide if we should move there. We visited a long list of cities that I thought might be a possibility, but ultimately we made the decision to move back to the Central Coast rather than out of state. I would still love to move out of state some day and Colorado is still on the list of options, but after Mike and I prayed about it, we didn’t think the timing was right.

I am still so happy we did that road trip because we got to see some of the most beautiful areas!

┬áThe one town that we fell in love with right away was Aspen and it was actually the first town we visited. It reminded us of San Luis Obispo but with seasons and lots of green! BTW, the other town we loved was Breckenridge… so as you can tell, quaint little touristy ski towns have my heart! LOL. Anyways, we’re headed back to Aspen next month and I am beyond excited! We have been to CO in the Winter and Summer, so now we’re visiting during Fall which is my favorite season so I can’t wait. We also have our best friends coming with us so I think it will be a good trip! We’re not driving this time because we don’t have enough time, but honestly I’m fine with that because the way back is always when you regret your decision to drive lol. Anyways, these pictures never made it to the blog last year after our trip so I thought now is a good time to share them!



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