Lavender Wrap Sweater Under $20

It’s Thanksgiving week! I can’t believe it’s here but I’m so excited. I’m in Idaho right now where we’re celebrating Thanksgiving with Mike’s mother. We drove here on Friday and it was a loooooong drive. For those that don’t live in CA, allow me to let you in on the worst part about road trips… NEVADA. Unless you’re traveling to Oregon or Washington, then you will most likely have to drive through Nevada.

And I don’t mean, Las Vegas, big city, lots of people. I’m talking about a highway in the middle of some desert where there is nothing around, for hours and hours. In fact, we filled up our gas tank when it was only halfway, but thank goodness we did because there were ZERO gas stations to stop at for the next few hours. Anyway, needless to say that the stretches through Nevada feel like they take days to get through #dramatic.

Okay so moving on to this outfit- there’s been a lot of lavender colored sweaters I’ve seen lately that I’ve liked, so when I saw this one for under $20 it was a no brainer. It looks like it also comes in cream, which is usually the color I’d choose but I went a little out of my comfort zone.

So I officially now have one item in my closet that is lavender. 

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family and friends!

Thanks for reading!

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