Leopard Maxi Dress for Fall

I’m always on the leopard print band wagon so I’ve realized it’s not just a fall print for me. I’ll be honest, sometimes it does look old lady so it really depends on the type of leopard print, the shade of the colors, and of course the design of the item. I bought this dress in summer and now I’m wearing it in fall because it’s great for both. It would also look really cute under a sweater with a tied knot.

That just may be the next look I wear with it.

We’re currently having a heat wave and it’s tortuous…not dramatic at all. It’s probably karma because I’ve been sending pictures of our foggy mornings to my sister all summer, knowing it was like 110 where she lives, LOL. And also, it always starts getting hot in our town when fall starts, so late Sept and Oct. But I’m always hoping that this is the year we’ll sail on by with no heat wave!

We’re leaving on a big trip in one week and I’m beyond excited, mostly because I love taking trips in the fall season. Also, I think we might experience some genuine fall colors where we’re going. Trying to fit every sweater I own into one suitcase it a problem though… one I’m very familiar with.

Linking some of my other favorite leopard maxi dresses below!

Thanks for reading!

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