Leopard Open Back Top

I love a good leopard print….anything…but definitely a top! (and shoes, actually ?) I found this top at a local boutique and it was on sale so I figured it was meant to be. It’s actually two sizes too big, but it was on sale.

 If you like the twist back trend but maybe not the leopard, I love this sweater too and will probably end up buying it. I also found a few other cute versions that I linked below. 

I wore a cami underneath the top because it slides off my shoulders easily, but I actually think it looks cuter without. 

Also the jacket that I’m wearing is an old one from Nastygal but I also own this one and it’s just as good, plus it’s on sale! A good faux leather jacket goes with everything… I wear mine year round.

I still can’t believe we’re weeks away from spring! Fall and winter always fly by and then it feels like it’s summer for the rest of my life? But in the meantime I’m soaking up all this rainy weather we’re getting and trying to take as many mental pictures (and real pictures bc I’m so weird) as I can because our pretty green hills will be turning brown in no time.

BTW, kind of random but we recently got into the show The Resident and we’re hooked! The only bad thing about being caught up on a show is having to wait a week for a new episode, LOL. It’s way more fun when you stumble upon a show after the whole season (or several) have already been out. Anyways, if you like medical drama tv shows this is a good one. I was a faithful Grey’s Anatomy fan for about 11 years , but then they turned every episode into political propaganda so it was time to move on. I’m happy I found a replacement.

Thanks for reading!

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