Oversized Tee & Leather Leggings Combo

I’ve been on a TopShop kick lately…I feel like I’m order something every week! They’ve always been a favorite brand of mind but lately I’m finding more and more stuff that I like. Just a little tip, always purchase something from them directly on their website rather than Nordstrom. They offer free shipping and returns, just like Nordstrom, but they also don’t charge tax which can save a good amount if you’re placing a big order. Also, they periodically send 10-15 % off discounts which Nordstrom doesn’t do.

This outfit is my ideal weekend wear.

There’s not too many things you can’t wear faux leather leggings with so pairing it with this oversized tee shirt was an easy combo to make. I’m always looking for ways I can make a simple outfit a little more trendy, even on the weekends when typically I dress more casual than normal.

Thanks for reading!

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