• Rompers

    I’m usually not into a one piece of anything unless it’s a dress, but I was quickly won over once I saw how many styles and patterns these come in.… Read More

  • Sun Kissed

    On those days, I’ve really enjoyed not having to worry about bringing a jacket or wearing something light over my tank top when I leave the house. The draw back… Read More

  • Tarte

    A couple days ago I wrote about the toxic chemicals that can be found in tons of makeup. Well since then I have been trying my hardest to check the… Read More

  • Customer Service 101

    Dealing with customer service representatives can be a tricky thing every now and then. It is their job to get the most amount of money out of you, and it… Read More

  • What are you thankful for?

    Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is celebrating what they’re thankful for with their families… instead of being on the computer reading this blog, lol…(I wrote this yesterday in case you’re… Read More

  • Just Me

    I think creativity is one of the greatest gifts God blesses people with. There are so many ways it can be used. For me, I’m still finding my niche. I… Read More

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