Plaid Longline Drape Trench Coat

I wore this┬áplaid trench coat a few months back during a quick weekend trip to Carmel, and it was the perfect jacket for the weather on the last day we were there. It ended up being pretty warm when we first got there, so I was worried I wouldn’t get to wear it (or the other coats I brought, LOL) I had a short sleeve tunic on underneath it, so it was the perfect amount of layers.


Oh and by the way, it’s only $33!

The quality is really good and it’s actually thicker than I expected, especially for the price.

The only thing I wish was different about the coat is that I would’ve liked if it was lined. With that being said, I’m still very happy I purchased this coat. I think I noticed the lining more since I had a short sleeve on underneath but you wouldn’t notice if you had long sleeves.

My favorite kind of print is always stripes, plaid or checkered because I’m pretty basic, LOL. Actually I do love leopard as well now that I think about it. But the point is, I’m usually always drawn to simple prints and colors that aren’t too busy.

This coat comes in 2 other equally simple prints which I really love and have considered buying one of those as well. It’s definitely a great piece to have in your closet for Spring!

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