Plaid Pencil Skirt

Hopefully everyone’s week has started off good! Mine has been a little exhausting because my brain likes to ponder life’s mysteries right as my head hits the pillow. Anyone else have this problem? The worst is when I get to bed early, planning to get a good night’s sleep and wake up veerrrry early for the gym, and then I lay there for hours. Then I look over at my husband and he’s out cold since the second he closed his eyes. It takes all my self control not to wake him up to tell him how frustrated I am that I can’t fall asleep. Actually I used to do that a lot, but I’ve been working on it. Anyways, point of the story is I have high hopes of going to bed early tonight.You know you’re an adult when that’s what you’re looking forward to! 

This is a very simple outfit that can be worn to work or out with friends.

I have worn it for both. I found this skirt for $10 dollars and was pretty excited about it! I don’t have a ton of plaid in my closet so it was a needed addition…now stripes, boy do I have a ton of those.  

Thanks for reading!

Top: Zara (similar here), Skirt: TJ Maxx (similar here), Booties: Rachel Roy, Sunglasses: Michael Kors 








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