Shoe Review: ALDO Gorenberg

I’m a big big fan of reviews- reading them and writing them. It truly is the best way for a consumer to make a decision about a purchase. Now of course there are the times like “I don’t care what other people are saying, I’m buying it!” And I’ve certainly had those times, but generally I think everyone would prefer to hear another persons opinion on an item they may be purchasing. So what better thing for me to start reviewing other then my shoes?!

I will do reviews for other products but I’ve decided to commit to doing a shoe review at least once a month.

(On a scale of 1 through 5)

Comfort: 2
Value: 5 (for the sale price)
Quality: 3

Here’s Why:

I am use to very uncomfortable shoes so it’s no surprise that this pair didn’t score that high in comfort, but I should explain why. Something that isn’t very visible from the pictures nor the website I bought them from, is how narrow the toe space is. I was expecting a round toe with a little more room but these are actually very pointed. They still look great with almost anything and are definitely worth the money since they are on sale! Lastly, they are made of suede which does make them easy to scuff, but the main reason I only gave them a 3 for quality is because there were some parts on the straps that were unfinished, with the material underneath being exposed.

If you’d like to buy them click here


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