Striped Midi Dress & White Denim

I wore this a few weeks ago and maybe even once or twice since. I had been searching for a white denim jacket for a few months because there have been so many times, really since Spring, that I’d be wearing something and need a light layer when I was leaving the house, but didn’t have the right one.

I used to have a white denim Free People jacket but the sleeves were knit and it was a little cropped, so I knew I wanted one that was all denim, not cropped, and distressing is always a bonus.  

This jacket was the perfect combination of everything I was looking for, but it did take some searching to find it because it went out of stock for while.

Midi dresses can be so versatile, especially if they’re made with a comfortable stretchy fabric like this one. The majority of the dresses I own can be dressed up or down, mainly because I have no need for a dress that can’t be dressed down.

Thankfully the sneaker dress trend is still happening. Speaking of sneakers, I DO NOT GET the Balenciaga sneaker obsession.

What about the design says fashion? Or anything BUT Orthopedic for that matter, LOL. Am I the only one?

So we’re almost in August which is the last full month of Summer. I am rejoicing because next up is Fall! I know it won’t feel like it until it’s almost winter, but it still makes me happy to think about. I purchased a few things from the #NSale for Fall, but not as many as I wanted to because everything was sold out.

It’s actually probably for the best, LOL.


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