Styling A Gingham Print Shacket

This is one of my favorite looks from the last month because I just love this $33 shacket! I didn’t purchase it right away so they sold out in my size (small), so I took a chance and ordered the XS and thankfully it worked out. I was definitely expecting it to be too fitted even though I wanted it to be oversized, but the fit is exactly what I wanted.

So I suggest taking your normal size is you want the fit to be more oversized.

We’re heading to my parents house today to celebrate Christmas with my family so I’m pretty excited. We were supposed to go out to dinner together tonight as well but I’m pretty sure the restaurant had to close, but we’ll see. I really can’t believe Christmas is in 2 days, but even crazier is that the year is almost over. Everyone keeps talking about how happy they’ll be when the year is over, which is understandable… it’s been a hard year, actually hard last two months, for me too.┬áBut there’s still so much to be thankful for so I’m really happy about being able to see my family for Christmas.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!



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