Summer Whites & Satin Cami

Wearing white for summer is a given and white cut off shorts are a staple for me. My caption on Instagram mentioned not having “summer ready” legs, so wearing shorts isn’t suuuuuuuper appealing right now.

But, hello it’s summer… I need to wear shorts.

I have definitely put them on some days, followed by an immediate outfit change but these legs need some sun. Plus I have the most bizarre tan lines on my legs because I still have to wear an ankle brace when I run (from last summer’s hiking injury) and I usually run in capri pants, so one ankle has this block of dark skin and the rest is white. AWESOME. So my solution for wearing shorts, even if you don’t think your legs are ready, is pairing them with something a little longer so you’re covered in the back… which is usually the “problem area”. At least it is for me. Or you could just say screw it, I’m wearing them anyway in which case I commend you sista! I’m big on layering so I prefer to always have something over a tank top because I get cold easily. This linen top was the perfect light layer that I was looking for and it also comes in a cute blue and white stripe version. I may be adding that to my shopping cart here soon.

BTW, I can’t believe the 4th of July will be here soon! We are planning on going camping in Big Sur again this year like we did last year, but we won’t have a camper this time so we’re debating if we should still go. I don’t love “roughing it” camping…. let me rephrase… I don’t love camping. But Mike loves it and I do really like the redwoods and the slowing down aspect of it, so having a camper is a good compromise. We have our campground booked but we’ll have to see as it gets closer. Either way, we’ll be staying away from the pier and beach area because it gets crazy for the fireworks.

Thanks for reading!

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