• Bagatelle Puffer Coat & Bodysuit Combo

    Boy have I gotten a lot of use out of this Bagatelle puffer jacket this winter! I saw it last year and thought it was so cute but it was sold out before I could buy. I took a picture of it and put it in my “wish list” album on my phone. Every few weeks I scroll thought that…

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  • Plaid Longline Drape Trench Coat

    I wore this plaid trench coat a few months back during a quick weekend trip to Carmel, and it was the perfect jacket for the weather on the last day we… Read More

  • Winter Teddy Coats

    Teddy coats are kind of my favorite 🙂 And even though I love them and end up getting a new one…or two… each year, some are just too good to… Read More

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