A couple days ago I wrote about the toxic chemicals that can be found in tons of makeup. Well since then I have been trying my hardest to check the ingredients in anything I wear or buy. I should first admit that, although I know how to throw an outfit together and really know my accessories, I’m not an expert on applying makeup. I’m not sure why I just can’t seem to get it together, but anyways, moving on… So thanks to the ladies at Nature’s Knockout, I found out about the all natural makeup line called Tarte Cosmetics. Many of you who are makeup savvy have probably already heard of them, but if not, you should definitely check out their website. What caught my eye, besides the ingredients being good for you, is their makeup Treasure Chest. This thing is amazing! It comes in this trendy jeweled case, and includes: 16 shimmer eye shadows, 16 matte eye shadows, 16 lip glosses, 4 powder blushes, 1 bronzer, and 1 luminzer powder. The price of the Treasure Chest is $52 dollars, but the retail value is $686 dollars! (I know that means nothing to those of you who are practical) This item was a huge hit over the holiday season (another reason why many of you may have heard of them), but they still have a few for sale. They did sell out of all the stores such as Sephora, but you can still purchase it directly from Tarte Cosmetics if you call their customer service. When I was searching for this thing, I found a couple of them on ebay but they’re trying to sell them for $115 dollars, due to the fact that they are “completely sold out”. So if you’ve decided to be accountable for knowing what’s in your makeup, this is a great place to start- you can think of it as your start up kit:)


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