The Band T Shirt Trend

I can’t stop, won’t stop buying band tee shirts, I just love the trend. But really it’s not that big of a change from my graphic tee obsession, so basically I’m just really digging t shirts. SURPRISE. Also, is it “t shirts” or “tee shirts” lol. As you can tell, I’m not quite sure so I spell it differently each time. 

I think if you love distressed jeans as much as I do, then you’ll love pairing them with a minimal top.

They also look great under a casual blazer if you want to dress it up a bit. This one that I’m wearing is really soft and has a little bit of a faded distressed color to it, but there are so many other great ones with a similar design, so I linked a bunch more below so be sure to scroll all the way through. By the way, my shoes are from several years ago but the actual brand is Alice+Olivia in case anyone feels like stocking eBay for them like I would 🙂

As I type this I’m watching Mike give Scotch a bath in the kitchen sink and I’m pretty sure he’s washing him with Selsun Blue, LOL. He’s had suuuuper dry skin and dandruff and I’ve tried everything to make it better, but nothing works. If any other dog owners have tips, PLEASE let me know. I’ve tried salmon oil, coconut oil, salmon vitamin, allergy vitamins, sprays, shampoos etc. He has a haircut appointment tomorrow so I’m hoping he’ll feel better with a little less hair.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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