The Dream Cardigan You Need For Every Season

Happy October!

So every season I feel like Free People comes out with a new cardigan that everyone wants or everyone is wearing. I’m a sucker for cardigans… and Free People…. so sometimes it’s a struggle not to buy the newest one each time.

But when I found this one, all I wanted was to get it in every color and I was convinced I’ll never need another cardigan again! That last part probably isn’t true because I do have a slight cardigan obsession, but I did pass up on several other newer cardigans this season because I liked this one so much.

I own it in the black color and have been on the hunt for the cream version for awhile now.

So the reason I like this cardigan so much is because it’s quite thick and warm, plus #ithaspockets. I also like that it lays really good, even though it’s oversized.

Honestly I think it’s perfect for every season because you can use it as a light jacket to wear at night during summer, wear it during the day for fall and spring and layer it for winter.

So basically, go get yourself one.

Thanks for reading!



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