The Softest Weekend Sweater + Christmas Tree Picking

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!! My family and I actually have a bigger celebration on Christmas Eve than Christmas because that’s the day we open our gifts and have dinner. We open stockings and have dinner again on Christmas day. Mike and I have A LOT of places to visit each year because both of our parents are divorced so we’re always trying to make time to see everyone. However, the last few years we’ve been celebrating early with his family since mine live 3.5 hours away.

After Christmas Mike and I usually go on a little road trip to somewhere cold so I can get my snow fix. We’ve gone to Colorado, Utah and Oregon in previous years. I think this year (sadly( we’re going to skip the trip mainly because we just had our big one to Idaho a few weeks ago and neither of us our entirely loving the idea of getting back into the car for that long, lol. Scotch has also become not the best traveler 🙁 He didn’t used to be that way when he was a few years old. It’s strange because he’s been on so many road trips and we take him on short car trips all the time (which he loves) so you’d think he’d be used to it, but he just stands up and stress pants the whole time.

So another thing that we’re skipping on this year is buying a real Christmas tree! Okay this one I’m really really sad about. We went to the lot last week (hints these photos) but I decided to pass on buying one because they’re a lot of work to set up which is why we usually buy one the day after Thanksgiving. It’s worth it when you get to have it up for 5-6 weeks. Since we’re leaving out of town today, putting it up for just one week didn’t seem smart. We do have a fake flocked one which has been up since November so it’s not like my house is completely tree-less, I couldn’t do that! We’ve been talking about getting a bigger fake one for some time so we need to just pull the trigger so that we’re not in this predicament again next year!

Fun Fact: Mike never had a tree in his house growing up. His first Christmas tree was the year we got married, but now he loves them!

Okay so moving onto my outfit real quick….. this sweater is a deal breaker!

You have not worn cozy until you’ve put this thing on.

It is the softest sweater I own and I absolutely love it! I really like the larger bell sleeves too. I sized up to a medium because it looked a little cropped, which it is so I’m glad I did. If you love lounge wear like I do then you definitely need this sweater!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!

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