Walking In The Rain

In case you didn’t know, I kind of love the rain. Although if it rained constantly I probably wouldn’t feel the same, but since it’s like a rare sighting in So Cal, I’m always so excited when it’s here. For that reason I didn’t care that my previously curled hair was now a hot mess, making me look like a wet dog. There are plenty of days reserved for good looking hair… well attempted days anyway.

This is my first pair of Hunter boots and it’s been quite exciting to need them

Mike stopped me from doing the cliche puddle jumping shots, but mostly because we were concerned about the camera getting too wet 🙂 This scarf is probably my go-to… since I wear a lot of neutral colors, it seems to always be the one I reach for when I’m headed out the door. Asos scarfs are my absolute favorites- the variety of prints and the quality are the best, oh and the price!

Scarf: ASOS
Boots: Hunter
Peplum Sweater: Target
Leg Warmers: Free People

I linked a few other styles I like below– Thanks for reading!

Walking In The Rain

Walking In The Rain

Rainy Day Hunter Boots

Rainy Day Stylish

Rainy Walk Outside

Asos Scarf And Sweater

Rainy Day Walk Outfit

Umbrella Style Outfit

Rainy Cozy Style

Rainy Day Look

Asos Blanket Scarf

Hunter Rain Boots

Peplum Sweater Style

Umbrella Outfit

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