Weekend Neutrals & Distressed Jeans

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday, where did the weekend go?? Although it went by super fast for me, I had an awesome weekend. Yesterday we drove to a little town about an hour away from us and visited a cute little winery that had the prettiest view from their outside patio. We live near a ton of wineries and almost settled for one of those (although they are beautiful) but I’m really happy we decided to do the drive. Ever since moving back to the Central Coast we tend to venture out more on the weekends then we used to when we first lived here, and definitely more than when we lived in Southern California. Sometimes a small change of scenery can make a big difference.

I do live in neutrals most days so no surprise that when we went to coffee a few weeks ago, this was my outfit of choice.

In fact I had to go back through old posts and make sure I haven’t used this post title before, lol. I just recently purchased these Chloe boots in off white- they are my second pair and worth every penny. However, both pairs I own I bought used from Tradesy so I saved quite a bit of money. I would recommend looking for a good used pair if you’ve been wanting to buy them. I contemplated buying some of the non-designer versions like these or these but these boots were something I wanted for awhile, so I knew I wanted to have them for awhile which is worth investing in. If you like the look but think you might be over it next season then the cheaper versions is a good option.

Thanks for reading!

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