Winter Layers in Bend

Finally some pictures of our road trip to Bend Oregon!❄ It was so beautiful, especially right after it snowed. We stayed with Mike’s second cousin and his wife at their house in a really cute neighborhood while we were there. The first day that it snowed, I went out on a trail behind their house with my selfie stick, trying to capture a cool picture without bugging Mike, and it was a major fail ?  A couple of newbie discoveries: while it’s snowing, your phone will get wet… actually everything will get wet, lol. And also, taking selfies with gloves on really doesn’t work, so your hands will freeze. During all these discoveries, of course a neighbor comes a long walking his dog and catches me trying to take a picture of myself. I quickly tried hiding the selfie stick, as if standing in the snow by yourself doesn’t raise questions, but he saw it and immediately said “oh, a self stick huh?” lol.

But one other amazing discovery (not necessarily new, so maybe a re-discovery): cute beanies are the best accessories!

Don’t feel like doing your hair? Beanie.

Trying to avoid heat from styling tools? Beanie. Outfit need a sprucing up? Beanie. Honestly, if you’re in a bind and didn’t bring enough clothes on a trip, you could re-wear an outfit and just change the beanie. So I have to say that I’m sad that this little trick doesn’t work now that I’m home, because there’s not a huge need for one. Although I did get to rock this one while we were Santa Barbara a few weekends ago ? Details on my outfit, plus my other favorite beanies are below!

Faux Fur Vest: Dylan

Beanie: Nordstrom Rack, I LOVE this one

Jeans: One Teaspoon

Boots: Sam Edelman, they’re my favorite!

Sweater: HM

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Large MAC, mini is here

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