Winter Outfit: How To Wear Tan Faux Leather Leggings

I don’t have my Christmas shopping done but my decorations have been up for weeks (before we left to Idaho for Thanksgiving), LOL. The decorations are my favorite anyway- I’ll be sad when it’s time to take them down.

When we were in Idaho for Thanksgiving, I took a day trip with my MIL to the cute little town of McCall and it snowed so much while we were there! We took her Tesla which needed to be charged as soon as we got there, so we parked it (and then realized the charger was at home, LOL) and decided to walk into town to get coffee. It started snowing so much on our walk, which was a little over a mile each way but my outfit kept me warm the whole time.

I wear my black faux leather leggings so much that I decided I wanted them in another color.

Tan or nude obviously goes with everything so it’s the best color to have (besides black). What I love about the tan color is they look good when you pair them with dark colors or light, so I wore them with a mix of black and grey.

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