Winter Teddy Coats

Teddy coats are kind of my favorite 🙂 And even though I love them and end up getting a new one…or two… each year, some are just too good to replace. If I do end up buying a newer version of an item I already own, typically I sell the old one because I don’t like having a bunch of clothes I don’t wear, plus I’m running out of room 🙂 (I’ve taken over the closets in 2 of our guest rooms, LOL)

So this Free People teddy coat I’m keeping but that means it’s not available anymore (check Poshmark and eBay) however, it looks like they came out with a very similar version this year.

I’m really into winter coats that have oversized lapels, so that is my favorite thing about it.

But the softness of this coat is definitely a close second!

One last thing, I want to talk about these Levi’s. Sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them. I like the idea of this trend (sturdy 100% cotton denim) but maybe it’s just not for my body type. What I do like about them is the high rise and button up front. What I don’t like about them is they take FOREVER to break in so it’s very difficult to figure out if you purchased the right size, plus 100% cotton is not the funnest thing to sit in all day. Just saying.

Yet for some reason I keep buying more pairs of these things ?

Thanks for reading!


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