Zara Cable Knit In Aspen

I miss Colorado already! We got a little taste of Fall beauty on our trip, but maybe a little less than I expected because it was more like winter. Still beautiful though.

Next year we’ll have to come back but maybe 2 weeks earlier so all the trees still have their leaves.

The weather was such a nice change from what we were experiencing when we left because we were having another big heat wave at home. I was so excited about packing sweaters and boots that I overpacked big time (no surprise) but then I ended up changing up my planned outfits when we got there so there was quite a few things I didn’t end up wearing. I hate when I do that because our travel days to Aspen were looooong and lugging around a ton of luggage is a commitment, lol. Anyway, I was excited to finally wear this Zara Cable Knit Sweater¬†which is SO soft and not itchy! #winning. This oversized denim jacket¬†really saved me because it’s the only one that could fit over chunky sweaters and I almost didn’t bring it, so good thing I did. What I also almost didn’t bring were my Adidas… with the amount of boots I packed, there wouldn’t have been enough days in our trip to wear them all and the Adidas, but again, good thing I brought them. It’s now been 4 months since my hiking accident where I fractured my ankle and it’s still painful for me to wear anything with a heel. I still packed shoes with heels thinking I would force myself to wear them but it just wasn’t worth it or enjoyable. I might decide to go to physical therapy for it if it’s not fully healed in the next month or so, so fingers crossed it is!



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